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A pet is often regarded as a part of the family, the decision to move your pet overseas is emotional and economical. The following Do's and Don't for bringing your pet into India are recommended.


It is preferable to take your dog or cat as accompanying baggage. This necessitates making advance shipping arrangements and reservations.

Few airlines permit a very limited number of small pets in airline containers in the airplane cabin. Most are transported in the cargo area.

Airlines provide kennel containers of various sizes, for a charge. It may be possible to rent one, but the health of previous occupant is questionable. So unless you can clean it is advance to your satisfaction, this is not recommended.

Request for kennel by the size of your pet. You must let your pet get accustomed to the shipping crate or kennel a week before shipping.

An extra supply of your pets flea collar, tick sprays should be added into this shipment as that particular brand may not be available in India.

You must tag your pet with an identification on its collar and an emergency telephone number. Attach a card to the kennel itself with your pet's name, complete destination information and the emergency phone number.

Telephone the connecting airline to inform them of your pets needs and confirm their specific procedure and timing for putting your pets on board. The layover country's regulations should be checked to see how they pertain to in-transit animals.

Water your pets before departure, but do not feed. Eating close to flight time can cause air sickness.

Do not tranquilize your pet without your veterinarian's approval and his recommendations and medical dosage.

Remember to make travel arrangements so that your pet will arrive on a weekday to avoid the possibility of custom facilities not being open. This could mean no care, no food.


Domestic pets are allowed to be imported into India but subject to obtaining an import license, which must be applied for at least three weeks before arrival of the pet into India. To ensure a smooth clearance the moving company would require

  • A health certificate from a veterinary officer authorized to issue a valid certificate at the country of origin
  • A Rabies vaccination certificate more than a month old but within a year prior to actual embarkation
  • Shipper's Passport,
  • A letter from the employee authorizing the moving company to arrange for customs clearance of the pet. In addition to the above a clear copy of the airway bill and flight information should be faxed to the moving company at least 72 hours prior to arrival of pet (this excludes holidays) so as to obtain prior permission from the Indian Customs and arrange for the government veterinary to be present at the air cargo complex to verify all relevant documents.